Aug 14, 2009

welcome to the weekend

I’m sitting topless in my room with my bathing suit on, Modest Mouse on too, window coverings sprawling and blue. I biked down Upper Middle and then Burloak to the movie theatre to grab tickets to The Time Traveler’s Wife for 9:55 tonight for Meagan, Rach and I. After I went to Britt’s, where her and her two identical sisters were painting the bathroom in their overnight clothing, Aloha shorts and shell jewelry, the kind you don’t take off until you feel like the summer has passed. I’ve never witnessed the three of them together, and their relationship intrigued me heavily. They were splitting an M&M Frosty from Wendy’s that Brittney bought a day or so ago. We compared bottles to cans of beer and set one of her sister’s up with a beer run before departing to sushi with Greg. I admired Cayley’s painting in the hallway, the new one, the one with the female. I inquired about the canvas because I think I would like to experiment with one this size. The two, stained of white paint, continued working away with their undersized paint rollers; we later made a joke of this. Not a sexual one. We imported my bike into her broken trunk of her champagne van and swung by Greg’s extremely attractive house! I want to explore it. We went to Saga Sushi on Brant and Plains for all-you-can-eat. The only items of food that I can remember the names of that we ordered are: both vegetable and shrimp tempura, followed by 6 california rolls, 6... I forget. There were 24 altogether. Then Mango and Green Tea ice cream, but Greg was completely convinced that it was green chocolate. I understand why though. If you’ve never tried it, I highly recommend you do. It’s so strange. For now, I physically, psychologically and emotionally need to go for a dive and a swim. Maybe I will work out before the movie; I'm feeling growth. Aw yeah. Side note, I am participating in an official Flip Cup tournament tomorrow night. I am very thrilled for this.

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