May 13, 2010


May 5, 2010

It has been an obscure start to my summer, this summer. I moved out of my room one morning, and was on the grass at a music festival with my people later that same day. Nothing has changed socially in Burlington, besides the fact that I just inserted myself into the picture again. Everyone is still doing what they do. The high schoolers are still high schooling until June, and the only transition was the fact that I returned, which isn't really a transition for them at all, rather just a little thing that popped up, slid in, came back. It was a transition for me though. And it's a different feeling than last time. Last June there was a big sha-bang, some crying, some swimming, and then there it was, day 1 of summer on a platter before going off to school, and transitioning like mad. But now, I sort of feel like I am bobbing along, alongside everyone else, doing our things, but as of now I'm not really sure what that thing is exactly. Haven't pinpointed it yet. I'll get a job, some money, go some places. When will it click? Will it sink in at all? I guess I take it a day at once.

May 4, 2010

love ya, beamish

Hey Andrew

Just a very quick note to say how pleased I am that you did so well
in SOCY 122 this year (your final grade is 80 which is very
impressive)! You excelled on the multiple choice questions in the
final exam and you demonstrated in the essay assignment and the

essay question on the exam that you have excellent skills and a solid
foundation for the next step in your undergraduate journey.
Congratulations on doing so well this year in my course!!

I hope that you enjoy a relaxing, refreshing summer and return to
Queen's in the fall re-energized and ready to pursue a major
concentration with the same enthusiasm that you demonstrated in SOCY 122.

All the best for the remainder of your undergrad studies and well
beyond Queen's.

Rob Beamish


Toro Y Moi, (23 year old Chazwick Bundick; what a great name) a really neat chillwave act that I just discovered about 2 or 3 weeks ago opened for Caribou last night. As Warren said, he was really shy when Steph was asking about t-shirts, making him admit that they were either lost or "on the way," or simply non-existent. His album Causers of This came out early this January, and it's definitely worth checking out, and I definitely recommend listening to it as a whole.

By Caribou, consisting of Ryan Smith, Brad Weber, John Schmersal and frontman Daniel Snaith (who has a PhD), everyone was just ready. Every single one of their songs was so upbeat and dance-able, with such powerful bass and a gut wrenching emotional connection from beginning to end. They went on around 10:30ish and ended about an hour or so later after an encore, obviously. Even though they didn't say a lot, everyone there totally felt them. No words required. This is the kind of show that I want to go to more often. And my neck hurt afterwards. And I loved it. There were people who were in my space a little at times, such as a really tiny 20 year old with long hair being flipped repeatedly into my space, and a cute snapping girl with big curls, but it was all okay, because the entire time it smelt like: BO (respectively), a flower garden, and gorgeous shampoo.
Friends, Caribou:

I immediately felt the need to take a piece of last night with me, and as my camera was punched out of my hand at Metric, I bought a really really awesome t-shirt to remember this spontaneously whimsical night with Steph. The front of it says Swim and the back of it has this lovely design: