Sep 12, 2009

frosh week photos!

Frosh week ends Saturday, so I've decided to post some photos rather than paragraphs of what I've done this week. Since my camera broke, I snatched some pictures of around campus from other people's camera's and have included them as such.


  1. three things:
    1- i'm happy you're having fun!
    2- i hate that 'Dear Dads' sign.
    3- i am so glad colleges don't have frosh week. mostly because face paint gives me a rash.

  2. I LOVE these.
    And I love you with face paint on!

  3. Kaitlin Ross9/17/09, 10:46 PM

    haha nice to see a couple of mine made the page!
    glad you had a good frosh week!! wooo!