Sep 2, 2009

greetings, earthlings!

Hi. Today (yesterday, the 1st) was really nice. I met Olivia in Hamilton. She's going to Queen's next year too, so it was really refreshing to not only meet someone in a very similar situation as myself, but just to meet someone new in general, to have new conversation with, to ask questions to, to ask what their parents do, if they have siblings, what they like to do. We went to a sort of Portugese cafe for sandwiches and calamari and met someone who legitimately did not speak english aside from the that sentence, informing others that she didn't know the language. That was interesting too. Little bit surreal. Hamilton's so different from Burlington, and this thought dominated my mind throughout our walks down streets and entrances and exits to galleries and other cafes she thought I'd like to look at and through. It's as though Hamilton is between Burlington and Toronto, not quite Toronto, but appropriately and delightfully "trashier" than Burlington. No offense to anyone at all. I love Hamilton, especially for what it is. Unique.

Tomorrow I am also going to meet someone new. I am, at last, meeting my fellow blogger Stephanie Fereiro at her place off Queen. I'm going to bus to the GO at 8:30, train in after 9, attempt the streetcar around 10:30 and ring the left doorbell around 11. We'll brunch, and we'll beach, and we'll converse. I am excited and delighted to meet you, Stephanie F. See you in a few hours.

Ta for now, all.

P.S. I thought to myself earlier, a couple months ago, I wouldn't have had the courage to initiate meeting new people like I am now. I was shy. I've slowly placed myself out of my element throughout these summer months to adapt to this change that's upcoming in 4 days now actually, a place where I'll be (softly, but not actually) forced to meet a ton of new people. Then, I was intimidated, and worried. Now, I am excited. I am anxious. See ya, ya?

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