Sep 4, 2009

packed, ready?

It's almost 11:30, just laying in a part of my room that I have never laid in. It's at the part of my desk where the corner is, and my right elbow's resting like a jack hammer against the 5 legged spinny office chair here. Just waiting for Chantale to call to let me know that she'll be here soon, so we can chat on the porch, maybe shed a tear, two. I'm quite surprised at how compact most of my packing turned out to be. As somewhat seen above, I have 2 suitcases, sort of jammed, 1 papa box, 1 mama box, 1 baby box, a backpack, a canvas bag, and a carryon bag, as well as pillows on the side, along with my new green (weird!) comforter, fleece (or something close to it), blue blanket, and just, stuff. All of my old photos and all my music has been exported to my new external hard drive, my room will soon be cleaned by yours truly, and I am about to move out.

I need to go to sleep for reasons far beyond just getting enough hours. Enough said for now.

Tomorrow Meagan will stop by with her Aunt's business' black sweater that I wanted from her, in exchange for my purple one that is essentially Barney himself. That'll be that. I will bike down to Kate's house, to swing on swings and to play with life. I'll stop at Sara's, to wish her the best at OCAD and to remember to laugh, and to joke, 'cause life's not meant to be serious. I will visit Meagan's mother, who will not be driving up to Ottawa with her. I will visit her because of her kindness, and her big heart. I will see if Brittney is awake. If she is not, I will wake her up. I'll encourage her to enjoy this upcoming year, to make the most of it in Burlington, and to visit me at school, and not just because she may be applying there this fall. I'll stop by for a beautiful, "last" visit to Rachel's comfortable abyss, for a cup of tea. We won't cry. We will hug. We will chuckle. She will fix a treat for us. I will feel satisfied and will feel comfortable on the way to Mack's, to toast him to all his marvelous future endeavors, and to let him know that I'm extremely proud of him, and I look forward to shaking his hand 5, 10, 15 years from now. I'll stop by Amanda's on my bike ride home, to also encourage her to enjoy this upcoming returning semester at Big Bateman. I'll hug her. I'll pet her puppies. I'll wish her luck and fun, and comfort, and warmth. After, I will grab a bite to eat, maybe make some sandwiches for the next group of lovelies, where Jesse, Paul and I will attend to the Quarry once more. We'll change into our suits and will serenade the open sky in front of us with corny cannon ball cheers and a token of our appreciation of the lives that we have lived so far. We'll reflect. We'll laugh hysterically, followed by a thick sensation of red-orange comfort. From then on, who in the world knows?

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