Sep 19, 2009

unusual in a good way

I'm sitting in my room past midnight on a Friday night and I don't feel bad about it. I can hear more than two conversations from my room and I'm okay with it. I am listening to the slurs and tired sentences of the kids and the teens and young adults walking the halls and slamming the doors of this residency and of this new freedom that we are quickly unpacking all at once from boxes that we couldn't wait to open. This is the sort of gift that either gets old fast, only because the batteries weren't included and the stores aren't open until tomorrow, or will remain consistently content in your mind. I've found people that I know I can relate to, and know I will keep in touch with. I have found a few friends. I have not found a group that I'd like to go "out" with, but I haven't dug deep enough, and it's only been a couple weeks now. I think the group I have in mind is different than I thought I would find. My university experience so far has not been typical. I think I know where to look, and it's not anywhere flashy.

stephanie says: (12:58:57 AM)
hmm.... so does he snire
stephanie says: (12:58:59 AM)
Andrew says: (12:59:23 AM)
only snippets
Andrew says: (12:59:27 AM)
but he is talking in his sleep currently


  1. You'll find your group and you'll be okay. Have a blast yeah? Keep on top of work! :]

  2. This must be a conversation with me. Oh gosh.