Oct 27, 2009

shove your head with stuff

Still in the library, I'm picturing what the link between textbook and brain looks like among all my fellow late night librarians. I'm picturing some sort of linear, electronic line, pink maybe purple. We're filling ourselves to the brim with interesting things before midterms come to an end. I spotted 3 available seats in Stauffer, ones that I wasn't comfortable working in, so I went to Douglas, returned to Stauffer, and am dizzy with facts! I'm pleasantly full. A perfect stuffing.

Since I even considered Queen's, or university, I pictured what it'd be like close to Christmas. Hot jazzy music in the cafeterias and cheap residence decorations, as all students are poor, even if they're rich. I wonder what it'll be like. No countdowns though. Just wonderment. I love Autumn, by the way.

Footnote: I'm glad that I'm glad again. Although there was no milk to cry over, there was molasses that kept perpetually building into a large dome, not hollow though. Life is cherries.

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