Oct 10, 2009

a very welcome home

From the views and the certain skies I very much so missed.

From the friends I thought I'd crumble without, but we know that absence makes the love grow stronger. This'll only give us that much more to talk about. "Eh? Eh!"

From the family, interested as ever. "Tell me about your life."
From the old dogs, and the new dogs. The pets. Hi kids!
From the shower; I have not showered without wearing sandals in a month. The feeling is really indescribable. And I still can't get over it.
From my bed, being firm, being different.
From the pillows rearranged in the corner.
From my lamps.
From my books.
From Adam.
From my big, black, blank, beautiful cork board.
From my fridge, white, filled.
From a turkey dinner on a Saturday.
From Burlington.

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  1. Can you just write a book, so I can read it. I love your writing!