Nov 5, 2009

remember, remember, the fifth of november

Watching movies in two nights consecutively was great. The Proposal and then V for Vendetta. Remember, remember, the fifth of November.

I have really, really found that I've slowly been answering all my questions, addressing all my concerns I once had about post-secondary. And I don't think you can explain it to someone. They tell you that you will just know. And you do. When your time comes, your knowing follows.

I questioned the laundry system. Quarters or a laundry card? A card.
I wondered if I'd have time to do 'nothing.' I made time. I chose to.
I was worried about not having the time to read everything. You don't have to read everything. It's not required for your success here. Play around with words according to your schedule. Make required recommended, if you find that you can.

Art history 120. Two slide tests per term. Two essays per term. I do not have to read the 30-50 pages of weekly readings in order to do well on the slide tests, nor the essays. No exam. Type notes in lecture, for sure. Print 10-30 slides per week onto Q-cards. Study early. Accumulate the facts.

English 110. Read as much ancient literature as humanly possible. Try. Research. Ask your damn questions. Type. Two essays. No midterm. Exam. Try.

Health 101. Print the slides, add to them in lecture. Make weekly reviews sheets. Accumulate them for studying. One essay, 3%. Updated version of the essay, 17%. Midterm. Enjoy this class. Exam.

Sociology 122. Print slides. I recently found a new method though. Type notes in PowerPoint on each slide. Weekly, condense and add notes from slides onto one large sociology study document. Review frequently. Study the crap out of this. One huge research essay: outline this term, developing the paper next term. No midterm. Exam.

Philosophy 155. Read the readings. Try. Actually try. Draw diagrams in lecture. Arrows, bubbles, underlines, bold underlines. Type after. Type after!

And for now, Coltrane......

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