Jan 29, 2010

exposure art festival

Next week across the Queen's University, the lovely Corinne Adams and team brings upon us The Exposure Art Festival, a free campus wide event that will be exposing the (hidden for some) talent of the student population. The event has been under construction since about frosh week, if I am estimating properly, and I have been intrigued since the Queen's In The Park event during frosh when I met Corinne and her enthuse, pink festival t-shirt, and red hair. The event is run by the creativity and willingness of self-expression of any student who wishes to lend their babies and/or works of genius to the public to soak in. There will be work shops, coffee houses, performances, talent shows and pieces of visual art displayed throughout Queen's grounds. Below is a schedule of the week of the festival. I submitted two pieces of writing that will be displayed at the Common Ground in the ARC from Sunday to Saturday. I highly recommend unravelling from your studious lairs to check out what is being exposed to us.

Monday 1st: Dance workshops in the ARC
Tuesday 2nd: Photography Exhibition @ Common Ground (ARC)
Tuesday 2nd (Night): Battle of the Bands @ Clark Hall Pub
Wednesday 3rd: Designer Fair @ the Queen's Centre
Wednesday 3rd (Night): Coffee House @ Common Ground (ARC)
Thursday 4th: Mask Decoarting for the Masquerade After Party
Friday 5th: Make-Your-Mark Banner @ the Queen's Centre
Friday 5th (Night): Queen's Got Talent @ Grant Hall
Saturday 6th: Masquerade After Party @ Alfie's (19+)

Also, there will be a visual art gallery at the Common Ground all through the week which is definitely going to be worth checking out. Painting, sculpture, writing, love.

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