Feb 3, 2010

never have i ever

Have you ever spent a dozen of really, really dense hours, working on something that isn't worth as much as you're making it out to be worth, and you're getting so fed up with it because you feel like you've been working on it for weeks, and you don't even care if you get a solid mark on it, and want to submit it just to get it the hell off your hands and out of your life, for the rest of your life?
..raise hand..
Yes I know I'm not going to use this poem and this essay directly in my future occupation(s), and I also know that it'll be what I learned from it, the content, and the experience, and how I coped that will directly effect me and my life in the future. It's about how I channel my stress, and get things done, and manage my damn time. Yes please, I know.
Taking the 3rd person point of view on yourself is so vital. But for now, I feel stuck in 1st.
Swamp water.


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