Feb 20, 2010

the social whole is back together

So now that it's been five years since a legitimate Broken Social Scene album (since their self titled album in 2005), they have been viciously, maliciously, and magically working away on their 5th album titled Forgiveness Rock Record. I'm so indescribably excited and will be anxiously waiting for this album to release: It comes out on Tuesday, May 4th, 2010. This is giving me something to look forward to. A congratulations, you just completed first year university, already, how the hell did that go by so quickly gift, to myself, in the grass, under the sun, by myself.

In addition to the regular beauties (Kevin Drew, Brendan Canning, Justin Peroff, Charles Spearin, Andrew Whiteman, Sam Goldberg, Lisa Lobsinger), the album will feature a whole other pouch of peaches, as follows: Leslie Feist (oh sweet Jesus), Amy Millan and Evan Cranley (from Stars), Emily Haines (mhm) and Jimmy Shaw (from Metric), Jason Collett, Ohad Benchretit (from Do Make Say Think and Years), John Crossingham, Marty Kinack, Leon Kingstone, John McEntire, Sam Prkeop (from The Sea and Cake), Doug McCombs (from Tortoise), Scott "Spiral Stairs" Kannberg (from Pavement), Sebastien Grainger, Susan Bells (from Poi Dog Pondering), Alison Chesley (from Helen Money), and Jason Tait (from The Weakerthans).

Ladies, gentleman, lovers of the world, Forgiveness Rock Record

Click on the link above. Because, the band has released their first song to the net titled World Sick, which is a seven minute majestic festival to the ears.

Another lovely day to look forward to, obviously, is the annual Toronto Island Concert held on Saturday, June 19th, 2010. Alongside Pavement, Band of Horses, and most likely The Arcade Fire (I have connections) is the band, most likely, and hopefully, with the majority of my ladies that I need (the Feist, the Haines, Millan, you know how it is). I can feel the warm breeze at the encore already. Mhm.

Time for love and newness! See you there in 4 months, lovelies.

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