Feb 26, 2010


Oh. Thank you, still.
It has become clear, yes.
I am grateful for your band-aids that are just now becoming apart of the skin of my arms, and my arm's hairs, and the hair's follicles, and then some.
I think you know by now. I would hope you know by now.
This is all so fun and good now.
I have to study. This is all so fun and this is all so good.
Thank you to:
and You, since I was born. Thank you for being aware, and critical, today, in front of me. I remembered my nails being clipped, of course. I didn't know what it meant though. Or why that even existed. Nor the "grilling" for my postal code, which I remember.

Hm, knowing...
I am so excited I don't even think any of these sentences justify.
I now know what Breathing is. I thought I did before. I thought I knew so many things before. I love this so much. I love it. Look at me loving it. I love it.
I do.

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