Mar 29, 2010

april 4th

Absolutely perfect for a rainy Monday morning in your post-yoga positions. Enjoy, friends.

"Miss Emily Brownʼs debut album, Part of You Pours Out of Me (April 2008) was named one of Ontario’s 2008 top ten by CBC’s Alan Neal. In January 2010 she will release In Technicolor, an album written during her recent Canada Council sponsored songwriting project based on her grandmotherʼs WWII diary. Recently featured on CBC Canada Live, CBC Canada NEXT and CBC Bandwidthʼs Remembrance Day program, Miss Brownʼs live performance impossibly combines autoharp, vintage keys, guitar and music box with her unmistakable voice. "

Who, Miss Emily Brown and Steve Brockley
What, A magical, magical show
When, Sunday April 4 at 8pm
Where, The Artel (205 Sydenham St, Kingston)
Why, 'Cause
How, 'Cause!

Definitely, definitely, definitely come. It will be worth your time.

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