Mar 26, 2010

just about done

These english essays always bring me into a state of horror. It is all good though. Thanks to everyone who hung out tonight. The entire floor approximately, actually, for at least 2 minutes each. I'm so happy, even thought it smells like pizza and I've had 3 teas and a red bull and my heart is bulging.
I look forward to more late nights this summer, and early mornings. I loved it last summer.
Hold onto whatever you find, baby.

Furthermore, I find myself changing every day. Not changing friends, or morals or goals. Just developing, or something. I don't even know if I'm becoming "more," or if it can be measured at all. It's just not as easy to hold onto emotions or feelings anymore. I am in fluctuation. It's not bad either. It keeps the river going, forever, and keeps it interesting. And yes, I'm still living off that. That whiteboard message before that exam last year. Those four steps may be the key to my sanity, on any given day.

Remember to keep your breathing as fluid as possible too. Movement. Going somewhere.

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