Apr 22, 2010

it's just about summer time

I can hear the songs of the summer and feel the picnic blankets and taste the peanut butter and taste the jelly too. I can feel the growth and the communication like no other. I am excited to not just be around my friends and the people I care for, but to work on my relationships and make a more intended effort than the past. I am super super ready to be free for a little while. School can be a constraint, if you let it. I just want to shed first year already. I have, weeks ago, but regardless I'm still here, coping away. However, I am more than ready to take the plunge. I want pool water.

I plan to do a lot this summer. See a lot. Be a lot.

Jonsi on May 1st. Oh, and moving out of residence. "It is the best thing that I will never do again."
Caribou on May 3rd.
Camping in May, with my buds.
Toronto Olympic Island Concert on June 19th. Broken Social Scene, can I have it?
Meagan's Manitoulin in July.
John Mayer on August 11th.

I am also going to act on my interest in interviewing and journalism, hopefully alongside photojournalism too if my camera gets to a nurse. Pronto! I want to interview some friends, family members, and my goal is to hook up with bands in the GTA too. We will see how this plays out.

I also plan to do a full body cleanse, rather a detox. It's going to be a lot easier from here on out, as I will be preparing my own meals for the majority of the rest of my life. The cafeteria here was convenient, but now I want to feel light and healthy and active again. I have some research to do.

I believe that Warren, Stephanie are going to start something up too. Starting with individual and collective writing, playing with sounds, recording some stuff. I'm not sure how the process will unravel, but regardless, we're all committed, and intrigued. Warren's going to be doing his thing with the record label he just signed, going to Brooklyn and the sort, being Warren. Let us see where this takes us. A little summer EP type thing.

Once my sick little ankle decides to heal, I also plan to start running again, once a day. I also plan to develop a workout routine too, maybe. Biking, swimming, walking more often as well. Being well. Living well.

I am going to continue practicing yoga, and plan to experiment with different studios in the Burlington-Oakville area, such as Kula, lovely Kula. I need my clarity and my stability, and this is going to give me that. That's my Me time, with a cost, but well worth.

I'd also like to read a lot. With my eyes going crossed now from reading so often here, I think my reading skills have developed significantly, and am going to really enjoy reading literature that I choose to read. I plan to read Hesse's Siddhartha, Camus' The Plague, and maybe some Toni Morrison. And Nabokov. And then some. Atwood maybe?

I'm also planning on going to Chicago for a few days with my family. My father goes there frequently for work, so we're going to explore what the buzz is all about. I picture large open super green fields in the middle of sky scrapers with kites in them.

It would also be really, really sweet to join Jason in NYC for a couple days, as well as Maia in Vancouver. Cityscape! Mountain tops! We'll see if I'm financially able.

One of the things that I am most looking forward to as well is actually something that I'm not going to reveal or say anything about until after it has happened. I think only one person knows, but I will definitely be reporting once  it has taken place. That's all on that.

I'm not sure if this all will play out, but regardless, I'll have my mind and my thoughts all summer long. Forever, really. Just some things to try, to look forward to, experiment with. Empiricism.


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