Jun 15, 2009

an abnormally perfect amount of eyeball

For a teaser to all of your summers, I suggest joining artists Cassandra Surina and Tiffany Huta at the Whipper Snapper Gallery at 587A College St. in Toronto tomorrow, Tuesday the 16th, for an evening of art and dance and DJ. I believe I'm going with Meagan and meeting Steph and her newly adopted man, so I recommend you join. I'll post the flyer:

As seen, the night begins at 7.00pm and ends around 1.00am, and it's free, and it's fun. I'm so excited to go, and to reunite with Cass who I haven't seen since SJ's surprise party at Kathryn "KRC" Gifford's in October of grade 10. From what I've seen online, the two girls are so talented and have such a unique, personal flair to all the works they create. It'll be a goody.

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