Jun 15, 2009

paper, lakes and foxes

Ever since Steph and I tried to get to Hamilton one night a few months back to see Paper Saw play at the Casbah, I've been really wanting to see them. We got lost and actually passed the venue unknowingly, multiple times. Our trip concluded with finding the venue, being too nervous to actually go in, and raiding a Japanese supermarket for the worst cookies you'll ever eat. Paper Saw, somewhat turned Foxes in Fiction (correct me if I'm wrong, Warren), is scheduled to play this Saturday, June the 20th at The Smiling Buddha in Toronto:

Check out what these three inspirational bands have to offer on MySpace and definitely consider attending their show this weekend. It will be such a perfect break from studying. Enjoy folks, and see you there possibly? The weather calls for a warm, rainy evening, so this is good.

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