Jun 28, 2009

dimmed, downpour

First, allow me to say that I am going to expand upon this post once I arrive home later on this evening.

Second, I was just about to leave to bike to Rachel's, I'm talking Ctrl+Alt+Dlt'ing everything (for all you PC users) and head down east and then down town. Then, hello, rain. Pouring, out of nowhere, actually.

This is exquisite. Now, I put my new brilliant blue rain coat to use. Enjoy this generous offer from Jesus! I love rain.

I didn't take this but ok.

*        *        *

Photos from the evening include,

These three photos were taken from my third ride of the day. My second one consisted of exploring the northern, pre-suburban Burlington where the families from Mississauga and cities around Lake Erie will move into and will raise their year-or-so-already children, all with easy access to the unbelievably developing WalMart, yet again. I ended up along a pathway behind the cookie cutting houses onto Burloak, a pathway I never knew existed. I rode along and unfortunately, I can't put the view into words, at least not now. All I can say is that one of the few good things about "The" Orchard, in my opinion, is the smoothness of every road that I've yet to come across, ride along, park on.
My trip furthered into the East end of Burlington, visiting locations including my old house on Deerhurst, Pinedale, and then up Appleby where I met Jesse for a little at the plaza. She's off to Costa Rica for a month to earn a 12U Biology credit. You go. Jesse, if you are reading this, as I previously said, "GTFO-utside into the Costa Rican lovemaking sunshine," please and thank you! Enjoy yourself, Jzblzz.

My third trip, I rode down to Rachel's where Jill, Britt, Erik and Greg were located too. We had swims and hot tubs, and collectively formed a whirlpool in her appropriately sized, above ground swimming pool.

Note: If Rachel brings out her (bucket of) tea lights, do not flick them, because they do splash. Kelly will be mad.

We watched the most ridiculous imitation of a documentary you could ever imagine, titled "Johns and Hoes." It was about prostitution. We all thought, well at least I thought it'd be funky cinematography, informative, intriguing, but it was just some Peurto Rican man with a home video camera filming his blow jobs in his taxi cab, and then interviewing men on the street how they like their women. Some stated that they do not like them over 105 pounds. So, eleven year olds, no?

We tried to play Chinese Checkers but Rachel failed, ever so miserably, mistaking the game for Canadian Checkers, as she tried to claim one of my pieces upon jumping me. No no, no no. She made up for it though, gathering snacks like the homey host she is and forever will be. Bit sized cookies, raspberries, cucumbers, celery (with PB), yellow apple juice, and the sort. Thanks, Rrrrbbbs!

I will be biking frequently this summer. Join me?

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