Jun 29, 2009

the past couple days

On Friday the 26th, I spent the majority of the day trying to figure out my courses on my computer for next year. It was a slob-day, being in my boxers and Planet Laser shirt past 3pm, but it was okay, because I figured out how to register for the most part. I decided that I am taking the following for sure: ARTH-120 (Art in the West from Antiquity to Modernity, full year), ENGL-110 (Introduction to the Study of Literature in English, full year), HLTH-101 (Social Determinants of Health, fall semester), HLTH-102 (Physical Determinants of Health, winter semester), and SOCY-122 (Introduction to Sociology, full year). As of now, I have 4.0 out of 5.0 credits registered, and I wanted to take PHIL-157 (Moral Issues, winter semester), but it conflicts with ART-120, and/or PHIL-159 (Introduction to Ethics, no semester), but apparently it's not being offered this year. So now I have to fish out either one more full year course, or preferably 2 half year courses to sum up to 5.0 credits in total. I have no idea what to take though... I'll keep you posted. I have until July 17th.

At 5, I worked until 11, had a kid's pepperoni pizza, then headed to Christian's for a little opening to the summer of oh-nine. It was good to see everyone. Then Steph and I discovered we have the same size feet:

She loved that.

I walked home: a good decision. Mack and Alex accompanied me for a little while on their skate/long-boards. They are extremely hard to use, esp. in loafers.

Don't make me ask you again. 6/27/09

I found this neat little thing. I thought it was a chalk design, but I think it was the evidence of crumbling bricks.

(to be continued) Now I am off to my sister's in Sundridge. I'll be home tomorrow night, Tuesday.

*        *        *

I went to Meg's dad's for the afternoon of the 27th . T'was nice, and we sat outside for a little, after going to Walmart and Value Village, purchasing intentionally tacky bedsheets, and discovering the following,

Oh yes, and,

We tried to make a SimLady (ignore the clever capitalization, but note this keen alliteration) that resembled a woman, you know, Merwart. Can't you tell? Watch her jowls sway!

The afternoon gave me a hint as to what's to come on the 3rd of July. Manitoulin!

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