Jun 25, 2009

graduation day

Well, it was my second, and final exam take up in high school. Chantale grabbed me and we visited Warneke first, and found out that we both did actually very well on the exam, and the summative. We also found out that someone got perfect on the exam, while others got 12%. Yes, twelve. Twelve... We went to see Wood next, found out we both did well too, especially when Chantale thought she got 800%. She's so good she probably did, but it's illegal, and MarkBook (I don't know why I capitalized it like that, I've no idea what the "title" looks like), won't allow that. No no, no no.

After we visited Wood, Chantale and I walked to the Writer's Craft-Philosophy division in the middle hallway, I visited Mer, she visited Bright. I immediately identified her music, Beirut; we listen to the exact same music, we might as well be related. Yes, my momma is Mrs. Merwart. Her and her two gal pals were chatting so I interrupted them and received my marks, we discussed our summer plans; I learned that she'd be Algonquin'ing and possibly Argentina'ing with her best buddy/sister-in-law. She'll probably be off befriending the coolest bands and drinking the classiest wine. She probably secretly owns a shop in Kensington Market, which by the way is her ex home. She's my idol. We, are, each other. Aw, Merwart, I will miss you and our brilliant musical taste.

I visited Mr. Bright for a while with Chantale and Meagan afterwards which was rewarding, and with this came great closure. It's the last day that I'll see him in an academic setting, aside from at commencement and the future years if and when I decide to return for a visit.

Please, will you leave on? 6/25/09

P.S. I thrusted into Merwart's room because I recognized her next playlist, Apostle of Hustle. We were both mistaken that they were playing this summer, maybe they are, but we couldn't identify because their band website was lacking. One day. She even noted that, one day, we'll run into each other "at the shows," or something. I'm sure we will. I would love that. Hmm..

Note: Still, I can't comprehend that I won't be seeing these brilliant, memorable teachers frequently anymore. With this, I am to take the memories and the lessons, both blackboard and within the mind, and to cherish and learn from them, always. Memory is a strange thing. I'll expand at a later date.

After we appropriately delayed our exit from Robert Bateman High School, we collectively decided to go to Bukamaranga's for a "full meal," and it was on my list (I know, which one.. My to-do before I leave list), which was excellent, and fun.

Unfortunately I'm in debt now since that tic in the back of all our minds, at all times, was active, and gnawing: Chapter's (is there an apostrophe?) We digested the fact that it was buy 3 and get the 4th free up until Canada Day, as well as the 4 for $10 stands, so we, well, dove in. I bought The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas, Girl Interrupted, Tequila Mockingbird, and This Book Is Broken, a wicked photo book with interviews and articles and opinions of and letters from my band, Broken Social Scene. Joking though, I'm not in debt. I am, figuratively though, if that means anything at all. T'was raining when we exited. Love you, weathergirl252.

Chantale dropped Megs and I off at my place where we hung out in my room for the majority of the afternoon. That crazy weather was upping and downing, clouds contrasted with sunshine, passionately. 

Meagan read, I tried, I napped, we tea'd (probably), we photo'd, we lol'd.

I guess it's time to graduate then? My parents were being difficult! We had some dinner for two and prepared ourselves vigorously and Paul came to pick us up. Our final ride down. Rain and humidity, but appreciative of. Memorable, very much so.

Andrew Burrows, Ontario Scholar, Queen's University, English Language and Literature. 6/25/2009

I love knowledge. 6/25/2009

Rachel Bailey, Ontario Scholar, Studying Life. 6/25/2009

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