Jun 24, 2009


I took the bus earlier today down to the east end, 'n Steph and I went to Value Village. As I missed the bus by approximately 30 steps, and watching it go by, I began reading and interpreting a little handbook I have called Inner Simplicity by Elaine St. James. It's her story of how her and her husband ridded the complexities in their lives, allowing room to do the things that really meant something to each of them. They freed up 20 to 30 hours per week to be filled appropriately with the things that they love. It consists of 100 things that they did to free up their lives, so I decided that I'll read and practice one a day. Today's was "Spend time each day in nature." It discussed how nature played such a huge role in a lot of cultures and how today's society has lost contact with it. It encourages readers, open minded and willing, to truly embrace and connect the nature all around you. St. James suggests doing so by even going outside each day before bed, or eating lunch outdoors if the weather permits. Get in the habit of noticing the earth's offers. Breathe deeply, and allow it to "energize your body, heal your psyche, and uplift your spirit."

After we finished our hunt at VV, we went to 1st Choice Kitchen Chinese Food (2405 Fairview Street) for a late lunch. Mack and I got the same thing:

It was 6 bucks or so. Very worth it, very filling. Nice guy.

P.S. I recommend you try these buggers if you haven't already. I cannot remember what they're called, but you can get them at Fortinos at the sushi station. It comes with that orgasmic sauce seen below. Add some BBQ'd chicken breast and you are good to go.

We graduate tomorrow! What?

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  1. I have no idea what they are called in Japan, but they are very similar to the summer rolls served in Vietnam (gỏi cuốn).