Jun 23, 2009

it's begun...

Meagan came over on Father's Day for fun fun. We decided that I was for sure attending her cottage this summer on Manitoulin Island from July 3rd-9th! We will attend all nighters while attending her cottage. For Father's Day, we had steak and chicken and potatoes and salad.

She don't like steak 6/21/09

Yesterday, Monday the 22nd, was my/our final exam of grade 12: Writer's Craft (see previous post for what I wrote for my exam from a prompt). I thought it would be harder to get up and leave my house because I had already had the biggest sneak peek as to what summer is about to offer to me throughout the past weekend, but it wasn't. I got up just after 6, got ready without a problem, took a couple photos and the sort. I left for the bus early with a magazine and read on the ground until the bus arrived.

Goodbye morning-before-a-day-at-high school room 6/22/09

This magazine was free 6/22/09

I am unsure as to if the exam was supposed to be a challenge or not. We had to reflect and comment on the ISU anthology project and the pieces we submitted, what influenced us, what we learned from the process, etc. The second part was writing from a prompt. It was in a computer lab so it was a little difficult to get going at first. I looked to the left where people had already begun going to town with their paragraphs and I had a single sentence. Someone noted that "it sounds like rain," so I went with that, instead of 30 clicking keyboards (note the intended cacophony). Just over 2 hours, I had decided that I was finished, so I told my Merwart I'd be seeing her at commencement this Thursday, and then around. I talked to Rachel and she invited Paul and I over before they came up to my place to swim, so we went there and had omelets (Meagan: omelet omelet omelet omelet, repeat, repeat again, more) and relaxation via the class anthology. One word, well, one phrase: Earl Gray Green Tea. I recommend you experience Rachel's kitchen this summer. Enough said.

Afterwards, we headed to Paul's to visit his ferocious Mundy and to veg a little, although the regular connotations with the word "veg" were not there whatsoever. It was comfortable, not soggy.

We drove to my place for the day from Paul's. We set up my trampoline and went swimming immediately. Note the extravagant sinking of my trampoline as of last summer if you've visited it before. It was rusty, and very very donezo. Sorry I forgot I wasn't on Laguna Beach for a sec.

I cannot say words that described our mutual comfort levels. None of us were bored, but we all thought the other person was. No no no no! This is what summer should be all about, taking in every existing moment and appreciating it and feeling it. This is what I plan to do, and have been so far.

We decided to go for a walk to the plaza so we could pick up some things for dinner because we had planned to have a hearty as hell meal to compliment our feeling of being drained from the sun from the day; a boost. We decided on cappelletti  (that was fun to spell) in red sauce with basil from my garden, a Delissio pizza (which my dog tried to steal, thus it ending up on a cushion/the patio), mixed veg and H2O. We ate outdoors, and hung out with my lap top. Hi, tea, duh.

Our goal was "A Band" 6/22/09

After dinner and after it got dark, really really quickly, we went to William's, or at least the surrounding area, to meet up and hang out with Maggie for a little. We tried to get into the basement of some condo but to our disappointing surprise, t'was locked. "They got smart." ~ Rachel

Deciding against going home now, we headed to the park near Mack's place where Steph, Jillian, Erik, Alex, James, Chris, Chelsey, JP and Tariq were; with instruments. 

Take a listen:

This couldn't have sounded better 6/22/09

Rachel and I took photos, Jillian forced me to mosh but it turned out miserably and too joyous, we entered forests and attempted to cross bridges and intended on scaring ourselves, but couldn't so we ran and terrified ourselves even more, did headstands, took more photos, took more, took more, experienced the first summer evening's jam in the park, took more, and sung spontaneously about capos breaking. Thank you, Rachel. Oh and took more.

We were actually quite loud in the park, and it closed at 11, therefore the cops were called due to the noise. We heard a siren so Paul started running a marathon towards the street and Rachel and I followed; a new pact? It's also funny how we began our days together and ended them together, in Rachel's backyard.

Here's to the summer, you guys. And break.

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  1. you, ray and paul running away was one of the most hilarious things I have seen in a while.
    and that phone call.. "leave now"