Jun 24, 2009


Well, work was better. I trained a graduate that majored in Philosophy at the U of Vic in BC, and my friend Jess and I worked together; it was her second shift. I haven't seen her since the beginning of grade 12, so it was so good to see her. The fridge in my fryer-grill station at work is, well, shriveled, and sticky. It's completely falling apart and the door kept coming off and the chicken drawer is rickety and the grill brush keeps popping out and the sally won't turn on and, yeah, East Side Mario's is falling apart! I think I'll apply at the library tomorrow before or after I go thrift store hopping with Steph.

Meg came over today. She bussed up here in the global warming and stuff. It was very very global warming outside today. And I chose to walk to work, why? Oh ya, love you nature. PS. We watched the movie called Lucid. That was uncomfortable.

It's midnight but it feels like 8. I recommend having a good shave, if you're male, and opening your windows. All please. Maybe I'll put on clothing and make a tea and walk around.

Listen to Bowerbirds! Or Radiohead! Or Joseph Arthur! Night.

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