Jul 17, 2009

the casbah

Note: Before I even begin, I highly suggest you go to the bank and take out a few 20s.

Yesterday, Thursday, I rode down to the east end to the barber for a hair cut (CHOP). After I discovered that Fernando plays golf with the manager at my work, and that I was bald, I found this extremely compact used bookstore with the nicest man running it, Lakeview Books (5295 Lakeshore Road, between Appleby and Burloak). He was about 60 or 70, and was sitting on a bench outside his shop. I wasn't sure if he was just a man loitering or indeed the owner. I loosely investigated the 40 or so novels on a cart outside the store but put my cycle to the side to really dive in. I wanted to take a picture but decided against it, encouraging you the reader to check the store out for yourself, because it was almost heavenly. So very quaint and inviting. Four books in my head already, actually five, I asked if he knew if he had any Vonnegut, at the top of his head. He said he had Kerouac, but I told him I had already bought On The Road. I decided to go with Jane Eyre, Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures, She's Come Undone, and White Oleander. All very classic. All very known. The shop doesn't take debit, thus I had to go to the ATM. The 4 novels came to $21.40 but at the beginning he said he liked to round down, and admitted that he was generous, so he told me I could just give him a 20. Thank you, sir.

"You have such a nice store. I will be back."
"I'll be here. But not on Saturdays."

I rode up to grab Steph on her bike and we went over to Meagan's with our loot. We made our bracelets, at last. Well, what would Feist do? Anyone?

Mackenzie invited us over for a little farewell gathering for him, as he leaves for BC today, Friday, for a good part of the remainder of what we have here, the summer. Pool + Beastie Boys + pink lemonade + extremely awkward but appropriate sunburns and tan lines and globby sun screen applications. A nice, but HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT afternoon at the Langton res. Thanks Mack, and all the best across the country. You're visiting all the key provinces. Enjoy bud.

I went home to prepare myself then went back to Steph's with Rachel and Jillian. We met Mack again and had some hilarious DQ burgers and things. Then we waited for the bus for a little, as we were going to the Silver Little Tabby EP release party at The Casbah for 9pm. Warren's Foxes In Fiction also played, as well as this band band, The Birthday Cakes. More about this later.

No. 7/16/09

These shots were fun:

An extremely jolly and welcoming #1 Hamilton East bus driver picked us up, distributed transfers like Ho-Ho-Ho Christmas gifts, and we selected our spots for the upcoming hour. I swear the man in front of us was a killer. But we arrived alive.

This was before we even entered...

...therefore, I have some writing to do. But for now, enjoy your Fridays! TGIF, oui?

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