Jul 20, 2009

recollecting june, by jill

1. Mr. Pitiful - Otis Redding
2. Turn On Me - The Shins
3. Barnacle Goose - Born Ruffians
4. Mr. Tambourine Man - Bob Dylan

June 22/23
So here we are, the summer has arrived! We've arrived!! Tonight was the official first care free night! And what a funny story it tells! There we were at the park, playing guitars, singing, some smokin,' some tokin' and booze hounding. In the midst of our fun, we've heard the familiar and stomach turning "WOOP WOOP" of a po-nine cruiser. In a flash, Paul was GONE, followed swiftly by Rachel then Andrew. Newly crippled Steph attempted to follow but remembered how crippled she was. I panicked as well & I started speed walking and caught up with hobbling Steph. We decided it was too late to make a clear break for it so we headed for the dark tree line where we figured we would blend into the darkness. I became aware of the last minutes happening. The 3 disappearing and Steph hobbling, trying to keep up. Chris C. found me and Steph testing our hiding spots and we all were laughing while paranoid and still on the run. Andrew called. I turned my laugh into a fake cry and told him, "They took Mack." Two seconds later, Andrew calls again: "GET OUT OF THERE." Lights appear at the opposite side of the park and still laughing and Steph was moving faster than I was. She was hobbling and limping like Terry Fox. The 3 of us sprinted down to the forest, only giving the other half of our friends a "bye guys" as a warning, and Mack's high-on-shrooms brother saw us running/limping into the forest. We hid in the forest then decided to go spy. The police were gone, no one was in trouble. Mack and the others shamed us for running. Paul, Rachel and Andrew never came back. We sat in the church and recorded "Aqua Church," "The Bugs Song" and "The Highway to Evermore."

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