Jul 1, 2009

sundridge, on

I haven't seen my sister since the Mother's Day weekend at her golf course, so my family and I went up Monday morning and came home yesterday afternoon, Tuesday. First, yes, I do have a sister. You probably didn't know that though. Most people don't. I'm not positive as to why though. Her name's Nicola, we have the same father, she's 29, her (basically) husband's name is Paul, they have a baby boy together named Dean, he was born in September of '08. They live together in some foreign, although soothing city called Sundridge. It's approximately 3 hours north of here, the Burl. They own a golf course together. Paul's parents owned it while Paul and his own brother Adam were growing up, so he took over the business. The grand opening was in May, the Mother's Day brunch, and we went up again to say hello. It was excellent to see them again, and little Dean has changed in appearance, yet again. He's more chiseled.

My own personal trip consisted of beginning the book I borrowed from Rachel, The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. It's such a smooth read so far, although I'm going to have to conference with either Rachel and/or, preferably and, Meagan, who've both read it. The time traveling concept never sits well with me. I need clarification! Hell, I still can't fully understand Premonition. Damn it Sandra.

P.S. Rachel, I am sorry if you dislike pages being folded in your book, but IT FELT NECESSARY:
"The bus smells of vomit, and I'm the only passenger. The driver is singing "Silent Night" in a smooth church tenor, and I wish him a Merry Christmas as I step off the bus at Wabansia. As I walk past the Fix-It shop snow begins to fall, and I catch the big wet flakes on the tips of my fingers. I can hear music leaking out of the bar. The abandoned ghost track looms over the street in the sodium vapour glare and as I open the door someone starts to blow a trumpet and hot jazz smacks me in the chest. I walk into it like a drowning man, which is what I have come here to be." (p.118)

I also experimented with my camera for a little lump sum of time over the visit. I don't know about you, but I have a weird, controlled obsession with the sky these days:

Some of these remind me of a luxurious car wreck:


  1. I love the video...a lot. I didnt read the exerpt from the book cause i dont want to ruin it.

  2. i have heard it too, though I lost my book. it's really great eh.. a movie is coming out in august 390dskfjals;.

  3. I LOVE this book.
    SOOOOO excited for the movie