Jul 1, 2009

decisions at 3

I'm 90% sure as to what I'll be taking next year in school. Take a gander:

ARTH-120 (1.0 credit, FW semeter): Art in the West from Antiquity to Modernity
A survey of famous and lesser-known works of painting, sculpture, architecture, and other art forms from Antiquity, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Baroque, and the Modern Age. Themes include politics, religion, mythology, gender roles, techniques, conservation and intersections with non-western cultures.

ENGL-110 (1.0 credit, FW semester): Introduction to the Study of Literature in English
Literature in English from the beginnings to the modern period.  This course supplies a foundation for further courses in English. It emphasizes close reading and intensive study of major works rather than broad historical coverage.  Content varies from section to section, but all sections have a common coverage requirement.

PHIL-115 (1.0 credit, FW semester): Fundamental Questions
Representative basic philosophical issues will be explored, such as: good and bad arguments, the source of moral obligation, the justification of knowledge claims, free will and determinism, the social enforcement of gender roles, taking responsibility for the environment, and the meaning of life.

SOCY-122 (1.0 credit, FW semester): Introduction to Sociology
An introduction to the concepts, theories and methods of sociological enquiry, and their application to the analysis of Canadian society.

HLTH-101 (0.5 credit, F semester): Social Determinants of Health
This course provides an introduction to the study of health and illness, and explores the social determinants of health, which are the factors that affect the chances people have to lead healthy lives. Topics to be discussed include: what is health?; population and public health; specific social determinants such as income and housing; health among Aboriginal people; globalization; and HIV/AIDS in Africa.

HLTH-102 (0.5 credit, W semester): Physical Determinants of Health
This course provides an introduction to current health issues and factors that contribute positively and negatively to health. An emphasis is placed on Canadian health issues and population trends in physical health indicators.

Happy Canada day, EH. Tomorrow, but actually today, I'll be enduring on my family tradition by picking strawberries and lunching at Baranga's on the Beach (380 Van Wagner's Beach Road). So good.

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