Sep 15, 2009


..for not posting, ever. Although it's no longer summer, I'll still keep this blog to post at various times throughout the year, although the posts won't be as long and as detailed, at least not yet. It's about 8 in the morning on Tuesday now, and my first day of classes are complete. I have a lot to read already, but feel bad for the engineers who have twice the amount of class per week as I do. Literally. I have around 15, they, 30. Last night I went to the library with Rae to try to begin reading chapters 1 and 2 from one of the Philosophy texts, by next week, but couldn't focus. A little mutant in the back of my mind was telling me to drop out. I think I considered it for a second. Looking at the dusted screen of my laptop, withholding a translation of Shakespeare's Sonnet 73, I realized that all of last year, I worked for this, what I have in front of me and around me right now. I was telling my folks how it's been difficult, in a way, transitioning from residence life with mindlessly carrying on your own way, to school life, within this residence life. In grade school, when you went to day 1, that was day 1, and you began. Here, we've had a week to adjust, get very comfortable, form new routines, eating habits, down times, and now we have to add in a huge portion of being here at school, into our new lives that have lasted a week now. I need some sort of dividing line from frosh week and school work. Maybe I will yell or break glass or do a flip, mentally or physically, I do not yet know. I'll try to keep you posted. I'll spill my feelings by the end of the week. Wish me luck! Hey, good luck to you too, eh? We all deserve this.


  1. Come home.
    No wait, see you on the long weekend
    (: (: (: (:

  2. it's only the first day, you'll be great. 21 days makes a habit, and getting used to. i love you.