Sep 16, 2009


Things are ok! I survived day two. Art history (2 hours) flew by, but the experience overall could've been enhanced by tea or any other source of mild caffeine. Apparently the weather knows that frosh is over and school has begun, because it was basically snowing out today. And by snowing, I mean it was about 10C with minimal sun. Sweaters were worn. Shorts were considered, but jeans were the plan of action. Philosophy was tiring, and I was typing today, but I've decided that it's going to be a lot easier to follow if I write, because Philosophy's the class where I'll definitely most need arrows and underlines and circles laid in front of me, not virtual Ctrl + Bs and perfect circles, virtually. English was cold. We went over the two sonnets, and the history of sonnets, and the fact that Shakespearian ones are "bisexual" in a sense of Shakespeare not indicating to readers the sex of the speaker of each sonnet. I also learned that his sonnets are never meant to be read as autobiographical ones, leaving the keen historians to dig for themselves, thus we know little about Shakespeare's point of view and opinions on topics such as love through his constructing of his copious amounts of sonnets. Wooh!

PS. This has become my favourite place to study in a matter of 3 or 4 sittings so far. I got a great deal of effective Sociology reading done, so I'm pretty much a little bit ahead since it's due by the end of the week:

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