Oct 20, 2009

i feel

I feel like my priorities have changed. I don't know if I like it. There is so much content to be absorbed, so many words to be read, so much to be reviewed, that I forget how much I need to explore and how much I need to create and experiment. I don't know if I asked for this, here, exactly. Why can't I have it my way?

Is it running me down, wearing me out, making me sad? Is it creating exhaustion, multiple cases of acute stress, or maybe it's chronic and almost never ending?

Note to me. Keep your calendar going. Keep your weekly reading schedules coming. Really, really prioritize your time and do what must be done. Do not procrastinate. You are conscious of it, so you can make the conscious decision to resist it. Remember to give in a little, have a square of chocolate. Do not give up though. It will all be worth it. I think I know this. What I do know is that no one is here now, permanently, for rest and reassurance. You have a couple hands to hold, yes. Everyone has their own schedule though, whether we like it or not. We are individuals. We have private goals. We're ourselves, for ourselves. It's survival, then leisure.

Sorry for the coldness.

Justify. Expand. Explain. Is it effective? Why or why not? How? Provide a detailed outline.

Okay, okay? (There)


Thank you so much for this.


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