Oct 16, 2009

it's 1, but i'm better now

It's going to be a lot, and it already is, but at least I have some sort of structure to go by.
I'm not sure if I'm being realistic with my scheduling though. Time will tell though. And it might yell.
I must complete these assignments on the calendar, must do so in the time I gave myself, or before, as well as the other regular, week-to-week necessities, which include...

- reviewing Health notes for each week on the weekends (written)
- type Philosophy notes on the day of each lecture (do not let this task trickle into the next day; you have learned your lesson)
- do some sort of review and compilation of Sociology notes of the week, sometime (slides + reading + reading notes + extra research)
- type English notes after each lecture (again, same day, or die) if laptop wasn't brought to class
- review for art in general (actually read if time allows, review for slide tests more, yeah...)

Oh ya and readings for each class.

Hopefully I can find some down time. Am I insane?

All the best to us all!

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