Dec 7, 2009

i just have to say

Since I'm an idiot and am starting my sociology essay proposal at this moment in time, and it was due on November 4th, but extended until December 9th (gotta love Christina Salavantis), I must say that the Christmas music accompanying me is absolutely, most definitely putting me in a less tense mood. Without it, yesterday for example, sociology just made me cringe and want to bite a piece of bark or something. I love December. Anyway, OKAY HUGE DEJA VU HOLY SHIT, still going, sorry, complete. Anyways, since Stauffer is open 24/7 now, this library is thumping with knowledge, so I'm going to go partake. I'm gonna come home in 9 days. Yep I am. It feels so out of reach but it really isn't. It's coming!

Have a Happy Karl Marx Christmas!

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