Dec 8, 2009

snow on ground! snow on ground!

A welcoming site to awaken to, plentifully rested for once, at last. To be honest, I've been waiting to see what campus really looks like, live in person as a snow globe, before I even applied to university. The aged grays of the gothic bricks and the cobblestone avenue one long sheet of ice, more dense in more obvious areas, inconvenient for some age groups more so than others. I can see the heat rising from the radiator up along the window like the fumes from a barbecue. The construction workers' work resumes, pushing their labour into the new year, or for as long as possible. The room mate adjusts his pillow set up, rolls over. His things are dispersed on his diagonal section of the room like a mastered installation made of adolescence itself and bong water. T3s. Bottles. Broken skateboards; more than one. The sky, my friends, is baby blue.

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