Feb 10, 2010

asus formal for love

Here are the 14 reasons why you should come, according to the Facebook group:
1. You might meet your true love (insert heart emoticon as such).
2. Good music. (It's objectively good).
3. Top models and celebrities will be in attendance (such as Professor Mark Smith, am I right?).
4. ArtSci's know how to throw a mighty fine party (although we never do).
5. To dance the night away (and into the morning hours, in addition, if permitted).
6. To kiss your Valentine at midnight, or all night long (followed by a "tongue out" emoticon, and a subconscious LOL as well).
7. It is a good excuse to invite that girl/guy out (don't make it seem like a hassle now).
8. People look better in fancy clothes (such as wedding gowns).
9. To party with your floor mates (followed by a disclaimer: "but no floorcest please!" ...please!)
10. Partying is good for your health (actually according to Professor Justin Hall, no no sweet cheeks, no no).
11. Chuck Norris will give you a round house kick to the face if you don't attend (I honestly thought that crap was over and done with by now).
12. An hour of dancing (equal sign) 10 hours of studying (except, not?)
13. If you do do if you don't don't (I'm not even really sure what this statement means).
14. I'll be there, will you? (he-he).

Let us boo-gee.