Feb 23, 2010

note to self

"It's a hard parade, just be courageous."
I am learning to embrace challenges and take them as opportunities, rather than bullets. Although they make all sorts of your organs twist and leak and thaw and deflate, it's our responsibility, and choice to give them your breath. Let the digging take your breath away. It's all so marvelous and absurd.
I'm rummaging through this essay outline that I created more than a couple months ago, thinking that not many people get to do this exact, precise, this, assignment. A few hundred, maybe four get to, this year, 2010, and go, but no. We are unique. This is unique. What will this class have to offer? What will I give it? My all? More than two cups of tea by one in the afternoon? Yeppers.
That may not have been insightful to you. It may not have offered you a furthering to your life. All well though. Off you and I go now.

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