Feb 23, 2010


I'm feeling so many things at this moment.
I'm thinking of so many things at the exact same time.
I feel great, and confused, and intrigued, and uncertain, and certain, all at once, and I'm shaking.
I am floating with fire and friendship.
So many people and so many webs.
Some of sadness. Some of disappointment. Others of glee.
It was so, so good to know that you don't actually know.
We, and others, think your assurance and self-confidence to be thick, and unbendable.
Behind it, when we come knock on your beautiful doors, we learn that you, like us, have not many clues as to who, as to where, and absolutely, as to why.
Regardless, I thank you, and we all thank you, for being you. For different reasons, but my reason, along with hers, is so...
Thankful. And I am grateful to know you. Just feelings. Just, nice.
"It goes God, me, and then everyone else, and I don't believe in God."