Mar 4, 2010


I think this is what exploding is. I feel like I've been overflowing for eight full days. This is exploration, and this is about seeing what you make of it. Unfortunately, I don't see you losing this. However, the unfortunate thing about it could be relapsing. And like we said, getting lost happens. Forests just may have been planted so you can get lost in them, rather find something in them, or rather, let that something you thought you were looking for find you. It won't be what you expected. Ever. And that I guarantee. It will be better.
Find a home base within the bark. And don't jump in front of the train. Instead, conduct.
See my covers of my being twisty? And I'm laughing 'cause I know, I know that you see the pillow case. Count sheeps. I don't have to. I rest. You wrestle a little longer. Sometimes all throughout, even though you can't remember your dreams. Do you have them?
If there's anything in the world I know, it is that you laughed last night. I felt you through the grape vine. I can say that definitely. That is what I know. That sensation. It is what has become so wonderfully familiar, but it is a treat and a little cupcake each time. Don't gimme that look.
That's how I know you. And I think that's how I know myself. I love making you laugh. I live to induce the labour of laughter. Birthing a Renaissance. Or at least playing the doctor, or the husband of the holding hand world, telling you to breathe, you telling me to shut up unless I want to squirt a human outside of my dick.
Your laughter smells nice.
We are different categories, to one another, in each other's minds. There is no comparison, but that comparison is not needed, it is not proof, it is not a declaration, nor an oath, or a promise, or something constructed, consciously at least. Just is. Just there.

You can't be copied.

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