Apr 5, 2010

the artel, part 2

Today I met Miss Emily Brown, as well as Steve Brockley, at the Artel. I read my horoscope for the day at the beginning of the day, keeping my eyes opened, but then reread it again at the end of my night, just now, and realized that I fulfilled my horoscope without knowing that I was doing it. Take a peak:
You could find yourself staring at a stranger for just one extra second as you pass on the street today, Sagittarius. Your tendency toward the new and bizarre is stronger than usual, and you're being pulled into different mental directions. Go ahead and introduce yourself to that stranger. Perhaps he or she will become a business partner or new best friend. You never know until you ask.

The conversations I had with the two musical artists, who are both brilliant, and clean, rather tight in sound, allowed me to become aware and confident regarding something I would really like to pursue in the near future. And that is developing my social skills more so, so I can interview artists and musicians and bands. I hope to contact many local and non-local artists and interview them, and perhaps create a blog with this material. And maybe one day I will have my own column, or page, or magazine. I have dreams, and I thought I knew that all along, but now I'm uncovering the specificity of them all. Well, not all, just a couple. This is something I want to do.

I bought both Brown's and Brockley's albums, 15 bucks a piece, and money well spent. Really.

Expect more of me!

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