Apr 3, 2010

Human beings need. Beyond survival and means to survival, we need connection. I was fortunate this weekend, so far, to host and to be apart of many different transactions with those who I adore, and those who I had once showed an interest, rather an intrigue, regarding my interest in getting to know them past a hand shake. The hand shake is an introduction, but it means a lot more to me now, given the circumstances. Sometimes it stands alone, but it usually acts as a beginning, more beginnings, and a temporary end, we hope. We thank and greet one another. We touch. It is a connection. A new lens separating me and you, and me and you, and you and I, only the lens has been cleaned, and it has been cleaned mutually, I think. This is the start of something, and I am serious about this. It cannot be typified or explained. It can be written, in general ways, thus it cannot be comprehended as much as it could be. I wouldn't want to insert things into your mind, nor would you want to unravel your parts and shove them through my holes, would you? What would be left of you, making up you?
This blog post is not about a person. Not a male, not a female. It may be about more than one specific individual, but it is about a feeling, some new one, that I've been given the opportunity to explore. I've had opportunities, but then, it did not mean as much. I'm so glad about where I'm at. Today, yesterday, these past weeks, this past damn semester. This year. I've done silly shit, but regardless, I'm good with myself. I'm good with me - My Me.
My friends, I have 1 more month of school left. Maybe Paul was right - Big City Secrets may just have been a closure to my life; a sense of closure before I bursted this silly little bubble that I've returned to, as a different person, with a body more in shape, ha-ha. Comic relief - always needed. Always, really.
This is great. Have great days, hours, minutes and moments. I will see you.

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