Apr 11, 2010

I am slowly craving, and slowly receiving closure of my first year here. In this big hospital'esque lobby. It brings a tear of significance to the surface, as we're all thumping with knowledge in our little units, our little study carols, tables with smushy cushions, big long tables, our little minds. I can feel the energy enhancing and the consciousnesses focusing, and the self-awareness, rather the self-reflection diminishing for a little. You do what has to be done. However, balance is crucial. Reading and writing. Reading/writing and thinking/doubting. Reviewing/typing and writing words that will develop yourself, and not your knowledge in the study of the classical tradition and contemporary society. Treadmills and outdoors. Study guides and love letters. Sociological questions and questions of self-legislation. Teeter, totter, teeter, totter.
People walk by and you Hello them, but they've got to get going, and you've got to get going, and we all have to study these books thick and thin and through and all around. Round about. Don't worry though, you'll chat later. With those you wish to. I'll maintain the work and relations I've built. I will.

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