Apr 11, 2010

"I'm full as it is, so don't feed me more."
Well yeah. Very full. Needless to say, I'd really like that last little bite of broccoli that I need to sustain my well-being. And I'm going to get it soon. I'm not sure what it will taste like, because the neighbours cooked it this time. However, at least it will look like the damned vegetable. After this serving, I'll move on to other things. Maybe even more interesting. I might just come across some sort of foreign meat that I love. Or chocolate ice cream.
I know this will be good, and Blind Pilot is reassuring me of just this. I've zoomed out, so many times. Even though I get sucked back into first person, it's great that I know I have the ability to just.. slow right on down and breathe my way through the wavy weather. I am happy. I didn't think I was at times, but when evaluating, I knew I was, underneath the tension, or barbed wire, so to speak.
"It was good to clear the air a little."
Broccoli time, in time.

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