Apr 7, 2010

This band sounds so whimsical (haha) on my new headphones that I bought today from Urban. Remind me to remind Ally how to get on the roof of the building across from Urban, will you? Hey, Ally, I'm taking you up on your offer, you gremlin! (Joking, you're a human).
I'm doing the remainder of my readings today in the Starbucks above Indigo, and I just made eye contact with the man who is allegedly employed by The Spot, collecting tips from men in dress shirts with jagger bombs waiting for them who are willing to pay a dollar for a piece of gum that probably expired last week. Jager bombs, jager bombs, jager bombs... I asked this man if he was actually, officially employed by The Spot. Probably to prevent humiliation, even though I wouldn't have judged, he told me yes. I asked him if he had another job, and he said yeah, and nothing more. I asked him if he went to school, and he said Psychology. Last time I saw him was in Food Basics, with his Indian, presumably, co-worker, who I also thanked for the extra pump of soap and the free paper towels that would be soggy and on the ground if it weren't for him. I admire what they do. I wonder if they admire what they do.
Now he looks glum. I know it's him because of the mole on his left cheek. His left, my right. I really, really want to know what he is thinking about. I wonder if it's more fun postulating ideas than actually asking him. I don't know. Maybe I won't get into this right now.
PS. He just bought a second iced tea beverage in the largest form possible.
Also, I've been noticing different smells all day. Especially the familiar urinal scent at the bowling alley. Smells like cherries and checkerboard tiles. You know the one? Good stuff.

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