May 5, 2010

It has been an obscure start to my summer, this summer. I moved out of my room one morning, and was on the grass at a music festival with my people later that same day. Nothing has changed socially in Burlington, besides the fact that I just inserted myself into the picture again. Everyone is still doing what they do. The high schoolers are still high schooling until June, and the only transition was the fact that I returned, which isn't really a transition for them at all, rather just a little thing that popped up, slid in, came back. It was a transition for me though. And it's a different feeling than last time. Last June there was a big sha-bang, some crying, some swimming, and then there it was, day 1 of summer on a platter before going off to school, and transitioning like mad. But now, I sort of feel like I am bobbing along, alongside everyone else, doing our things, but as of now I'm not really sure what that thing is exactly. Haven't pinpointed it yet. I'll get a job, some money, go some places. When will it click? Will it sink in at all? I guess I take it a day at once.

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