May 4, 2010

love ya, beamish

Hey Andrew

Just a very quick note to say how pleased I am that you did so well
in SOCY 122 this year (your final grade is 80 which is very
impressive)! You excelled on the multiple choice questions in the
final exam and you demonstrated in the essay assignment and the

essay question on the exam that you have excellent skills and a solid
foundation for the next step in your undergraduate journey.
Congratulations on doing so well this year in my course!!

I hope that you enjoy a relaxing, refreshing summer and return to
Queen's in the fall re-energized and ready to pursue a major
concentration with the same enthusiasm that you demonstrated in SOCY 122.

All the best for the remainder of your undergrad studies and well
beyond Queen's.

Rob Beamish

1 comment:

  1. I love profs who take time to send personal messages like this. One of mine did the same, and told me not to forget (in the craziness that is my summer) to take ten deep breaths of fresh air once in a while. I don't know if they have any idea how much those things mean to students (as people).