May 4, 2010


Toro Y Moi, (23 year old Chazwick Bundick; what a great name) a really neat chillwave act that I just discovered about 2 or 3 weeks ago opened for Caribou last night. As Warren said, he was really shy when Steph was asking about t-shirts, making him admit that they were either lost or "on the way," or simply non-existent. His album Causers of This came out early this January, and it's definitely worth checking out, and I definitely recommend listening to it as a whole.

By Caribou, consisting of Ryan Smith, Brad Weber, John Schmersal and frontman Daniel Snaith (who has a PhD), everyone was just ready. Every single one of their songs was so upbeat and dance-able, with such powerful bass and a gut wrenching emotional connection from beginning to end. They went on around 10:30ish and ended about an hour or so later after an encore, obviously. Even though they didn't say a lot, everyone there totally felt them. No words required. This is the kind of show that I want to go to more often. And my neck hurt afterwards. And I loved it. There were people who were in my space a little at times, such as a really tiny 20 year old with long hair being flipped repeatedly into my space, and a cute snapping girl with big curls, but it was all okay, because the entire time it smelt like: BO (respectively), a flower garden, and gorgeous shampoo.
Friends, Caribou:

I immediately felt the need to take a piece of last night with me, and as my camera was punched out of my hand at Metric, I bought a really really awesome t-shirt to remember this spontaneously whimsical night with Steph. The front of it says Swim and the back of it has this lovely design:

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